Luxury 1&2 Bed Apartments

Hill Road, Arbroath

The Marine Court is a high quality refurbishment of a landmark building in Arbroath formerly know as the Marine Ballroom on Hill Road.

This development is a tastefully designed refurbishment of the well known Marine Ballroom. Each floor of the building has its own special character. Lower ground floor apartments at the rear of the building take advantage of the large arched windows maximising the light into your home and easy access from the car park. Ground floor apartments have large lounges with high ceilings and mezzanine style open plan second bedrooms giving a very contemporary feel. First floor apartments have sea views and easy access from a lift which makes the Marine Court the first residential development with a lift in Arbroath.

The location is very close to the lovely beach esplanade and within easy walking distance of the town centre and railway station.